Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Parenting Is One Crazy Rollercoaster

Well, it's been a little longer than usual between posts. We've had quite an emotional ride the past couple of weeks. Sad news for little Aiden, but complete excitement and enjoyment with how the boys have started to interact with each other. We'll start with sad. 


Aiden went in for his 4-month appointment and our doctor told us we'd have to take him to an opthalmologist to look at his eyes. He tends to just focus with one eye at a time, and we were told that often they'll put a contact in one eye to help correct it. Putting contacts in our baby's eyes?!?! Sounded crazy to me. I can put them in my own, but a baby? We didn't even understand how that could work. Dusty's usually more of the worrier with these things, so he was absolutely dreading the appointment with the opthalmologist, but I wasn't too concerned because I assumed it would be an easy fix . . . not so much. After the doctor held a few lenses in front of Aiden's eyes, dilated them, and looked more closely at them, he said Aiden has congenital exotropia. Basically, one eye strays outward. The solution? EYE SURGERY. Since that thought never crossed either of our minds, I was surprised at how well Dusty and I kept it together while the doctor was explaining it to us (although I was tearing up big time . . . I almost lost it). We were told that nothing else can fix it and it would be detrimental to his eyesight to leave it as is. We go to the University of Iowa on June 16 to have him looked over and will get the surgery scheduled that day. Since we found out, we've had a lot of support from friends and family, and also a lot of encouragement from people who have had the surgery or know someone who has. It was rough at first because every time I looked at him he would be his smiley self, and it would break my heart thinking of what he has to go through. It's definitely one of those times when I wish I could go through it for him. But, we're staying positive knowing that it's not an uncommon surgery, and we thank God that it's nothing worse. I remind myself every day that there are a lot of parents out there who have seen their children go through much worse and my heart goes out to them. On to HAPPY!

Asher mimics so much of what Dusty and I do, and one thing he has picked up on is how we talk to Aiden. He'll run up to him and tickle him on his tummy and Aiden laughs! It's the cutest thing. I was hoping to post a video, but Asher refuses to perform when he knows he's on camera. :) Aiden just stares at Asher and takes everything in, and Asher makes sure he includes Aiden in almost everything he does. If he's dancing to music, he'll say, "Mama Dada Mama Dada" until he gets our attention and we start dancing with him; then he runs up to Aiden and says "Aiden Aiden" and grabs his hand and swings it so he's dancing, too! When we just had one child it was great, but there is nothing I love more than watching Asher and Aiden interact as brothers. It really doesn't compare to anything else I've experienced as a parent and I am so excited to see how this bond grows and changes (I think I've said that before).

I love how Asher's trying to hold Aiden's hand in this one

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