Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pinterest Projects: DIY Candy Container

Oh Pinterest, what would I do without you and your crafty ideas? Every time my mom sees something semi-creative in my house she says, "Oh that's so cute! Did you see it on Pinterest?" :) I'm not sure why she bothers to ask that anymore. I pretty much have zero creativity when it comes to crafts, but if I see something simple I can duplicate it. So, if you're ever at my house and you see something creative and handmade . . . Yes, I got the idea from Pinterest!

Well, I intended to make this crafty little thing for Christmas . . . That didn't happen. Then, I meant to make it before Brynna was born so I could have it ready for Valentine's day. That didn't happen either, even though I had all the supplies. So, last weekend I buckled down and made this adorable candy container!

You can find the directions for this little project over here. I only made a couple changes:

1) I used chalkboard paint - that way I can change what it says depending on the occasion. (I thought the "Merry 'Kiss-mas'" idea was adorable, but then I could only use it for Christmas)

2) I used my hot glue gun to glue everything together instead of E6000 adhesive - worked great for me!

Anyway, let me know if you've made this little craft, or how it turns out if you make it now! I have a feeling it'll be a hit with my boys. Who doesn't love chocolate in a fun container?

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