Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Pregnancy "Must-Haves"

Well, I'm 26 weeks as of today - 3rd trimester!!! I find that impossible to believe. Some days I look down and I can't remember what it's like not to have a belly sticking out in front of me. Other days it's like, "Hey, when'd that happen?"

I can't really complain because everything's gone really smoothly so far. I've been really tired the past couple of weeks - tired, as in I could easily take a nap every day and happily be in bed by 10 p.m. . . . or earlier. I've also been getting annoyed with how I look. It goes this way for me with every pregnancy. Some days I think I look pretty cute, while other days I think I look like a gigantic whale. Lately it's been mostly "whale days." Oh well, it's part of my process I guess! And like I said, I really can't complain because both baby and I have been very healthy so far.

I've been wanting to put together a list of what I feel like I need to get through pregnancy, and while I'm sure I'm forgetting things (blame it on pregnancy brain) I think this mostly covers it:

* Sweatpants - I'm talking over-sized, soft, comfy sweatpants I can slip into without worrying that they won't fit anymore
* Black yoga pants - these aren't maternity, but they're stretchy enough that it doesn't matter; I can wear a sweater with them and still look decent enough to go out (yeah right, like I've been going "out")
* At least one cotton maternity top I can put on that can be casual if I want, or dressed up for work/church (I can use some of my regular tops throughout pregnancy, but maternity ones are longer and usually more flattering in the later months)
* Cardigans - I don't buy maternity cardigans because I don't button them so it doesn't really matter
* Maternity jeans - I can still get by using a hair tie with some of my jeans, but with maternity jeans I don't have to worry about the zipper coming down!
* Sweatshirts - you knew it was coming - I usually go for Dusty's because they're big and oh-so-soft
* Cute flats - if the rest of me can't look cute, at least my feet will!
* Chocolate - I haven't been craving it as much with this pregnancy, but when I do we better have some on hand or I'm making a special trip to the store just for that . . . which is dangerous because then I tend to overdo it when I'm there
* Water bottle - I usually get pretty thirsty and I like to have it on hand
* Apples and carrots/cauliflower with veggie dip (Dusty's grandma has the best home-made dill dip recipe, and using light mayo and light sour cream makes me not feel bad eating it with my veggies)
* Books - okay, I always need books, but when I'm having down days, I need my old stand-bys to sink into (i.e. I just started re-reading the Harry Potter series)
* A heating pad for my lower back when it starts to get sore

Things I would not buy again:
* A belly band - I bought one when I was pregnant with Asher so I could stay in my regular jeans longer and it did nothing. It wasn't nearly tight enough and it was one-size-fits-all. Maybe they've modified them since then, though
* Mid-belly maternity pants - I bought a pair that were a super good deal for this pregnancy and I hate them. Most uncomfortable thing I have ever put on.

I haven't bought a pregnancy pillow or any special sleeping stuff because I don't usually have much trouble sleeping, but some women swear by them!

As I said, I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but that's a pretty good start.

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