Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Weeks!

Finally. I feel like I'm getting somewhere with this pregnancy. I know I still have 10 (probably 11) weeks left, but once I get to the thirties, the due date feels so much closer. And, I know the next month and a half will fly by because we have so much going on:

* this week is Thanksgiving
* the weekend after, my hubby and I are going to The Nutcracker (my bday present)
* the weekend after that is his brother's wedding (which I'm making the cake for)
* Asher's first Christmas program is the weekend after that
* then it's Christmas (not to mention all the shopping and baking that needs to get done in there)
* then New Year's, of course
* and then January will probably drag by for the most part until Aiden's 2nd birthday!

There's nothin' that perks up my spirit like spending time with family - and thankfully I'll get to do a lot of that coming up. Can you believe how close it seems? I can't. When I look at it like that, with everything laid out that's happening between now and baby-time, I know it's a lot closer than it seems.

Overall, I've been feeling pretty great - I've been tired a lot, but hey, who isn't? My back pain has gotten a little worse, but nothing too horrible yet. (Can't wait to schedule my pregnancy massage - I highly recommend getting one . . . It's pure bliss.) I've stayed relatively healthy - I had a cold that lasted a little over a week, but it could've been much worse. So, I'm counting my blessings and counting down until this little lady makes her appearance!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat your fill of delicious food . . . I know I will. :)

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