Friday, January 25, 2013

Prepping for Baby #3

When I was pregnant with Asher, there wasn't much to prep other than deciding what to bring with us to the hospital, making sure we had a car seat, and having a crib.

With Aiden, I still didn't do a whole lot of preparation. Dusty and I made sure to have a list of things for my mom to know - what Asher's routine was, what he ate/didn't eat, some translations as far as what certain things in his vocab meant since he was only 17 months, and directions for how to work the TV/cable.

For this baby, I feel like there are a million things I should have ready that I just didn't think of when Aiden came around. Here are some of the things I've done to prep, and some of the things I'm working on:

* Cleaned out the boys' closets and packed away all the stuff that didn't fit anymore. I don't know about you other moms, but I'm horrible at keeping up with that! I tend to know just by looking if something still fits, but if my husband were to get them dressed, he'd assume that it fit, even if they outgrew it 4+ months ago. It's a logical assumption - why would it be in there if it didn't fit? So, I figured that for whomever is staying with the boys while we're at the hospital, I should really only have clothes in there that still fit. Common courtesy, right?

* Cleaned out my closet and drawers. It was way overdue. Everything was so unorganized, and my maternity clothes were all mixed together with regular clothes that I still wore while pregnant. I separated all of my strictly maternity clothes into one section so after the baby comes it'll be easy to pack away. I also streamlined the rest of my clothes because there were a lot that I knew I wouldn't wear anymore. Also, I decided I'd put my biggest pairs of jeans/pants right up front for convenience post-baby. I still kept my smaller ones, but they're a little more tucked away.

* Keeping up with laundry. The last thing I want is for us to be at the hospital and the boys' clothes to be piled in the dirty clothes baskets - how annoying for whoever's watching them! I really hate putting laundry away. Hate. It. I'm not sure why. But, I came up with a new laundry strategy that's been working really well for me! Instead of washing, drying, and folding 3 loads of laundry at once and then letting them sit there until I needed the baskets again, I made a change. Now, I wash, dry, and fold one load only. After it's folded, I bring it straight upstairs and put them away. It's much more manageable for me. I can still get three loads done in a day, but now they're all put in their proper places, too!

* Keeping the fridge stocked. I want to make sure we're not out of milk, eggs, cheese, bread, or any of the other staples we use for the boys each day. I want the transition from 2 to 3 kids to be as seamless as possible.

* Keeping the freezer stocked. The difference here is that it's being stocked mostly with things that I've made. I'm trying to keep a variety of breakfast options for the boys both while we're in the hospital and after we get home so mornings aren't totally crazy. I've frozen a couple different kinds of muffins, some quick breads, and we also keep frozen waffles on hand. Also, frozen veggies are a must, and I froze a few supper options, too to make life easier. (The boys really aren't difficult as far as food goes, and we'll only be gone probably 2 nights, but I want whoever's watching them to not have to wonder about what to give them).

* Keeping some easy snacks on hand for after the baby comes. I want to make sure we have fresh fruit both for me to munch on, and the boys. Also, I'm trying to make sure we have some mixed nuts around because 1) I love them, and 2) they're a great source of protein. Cereal is great, too, especially if you're like me and like to munch on it dry.

* Keeping the house neat/tidy. I really don't want the floors (either hardwood or carpet) to be covered in crumbs and gunk when we're gone. How gross for someone to have to come watch the boys in that! :) That means I'm trying to stay on top of the vacuuming and sweeping and keeping the counters spic and span.

I think that about covers all of it - I'll post separately on what I'll be bringing to the hospital for baby and me.

What did/would you do to prep for a baby?

On a side note: I absolutely love, love, love Trader Joe's soft, strawberry licorice. It's heavenly. And I'm not usually much of a licorice fan. The bad thing is that there isn't a Trader Joe's even remotely close to us. Well, the other day I was in the dollar section at Target, and they had packages of soft, strawberry licorice there that I hadn't ever seen before (I think it's made in Australia or something). It's Darrell Lea brand, which I hadn't heard of, but it's a perfect substitute for Trader Joe's as far as flavor and texture, and it's only a buck. Seriously, it's delicious! Anyway, I wanted to share that tidbit with you in case you happened to be in the same circumstance as I was. :)

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