Monday, September 19, 2011

Potty Training - Part 1

I'm starting to think potty training would have been easier if we had started when Asher was 1 instead of 2 . . . you know, back when he was easy-going, non-argumentative, less independent. Live and learn, I guess - maybe we'll try that with Aiden. Anyway, it's hard to even know how to start potty training; I know you sould let them get comfortable seeing their little potty chair in the bathroom and everything and that we're not supposed to force anything. So far, all I've been able to get Asher to do is sit on his potty fully dressed. I'll ask him multiple times a day if he wants to go potty or if we should take his diaper off, but he says no every time; and, he says it in a way and looks at me in a way that says "Mom, if you even try that, you will regret it." So I don't force anything because I don't want him to become scared of the potty or turn it into a whole dramatic scene (there are enough of those during the day without adding any additional ones). Um . . . yeah, no success yet, but I'm hoping there will be some progress sometime soon here. How did/do you potty train your little tykes?
He loves hats - especially if they're adult-sized.

On a side note: We've been working on numbers lately, and after I count to 15 he says "Good job, Mommy!" Every time - what a sweetie-pie. I guess he thinks Mom could use some encouraging words every now and then, too ;)


  1. We are still having lots of issues there! It definitely helped starting in the summer. You know when they are more ready because he will be more interested. We talked about dolls going, and then she always wanted to be there when we went. Hope you have better luck than we have!

  2. Going through similar issues with Tryg. He'll sit on the potty for 15 minutes sometimes. I'll sing, read, be silly, give him a toy, but the minute he gets off, he goes somewhere other than on the potty! I put him in undies all day Wednesday (on my day off), sat him on the potty every 1/2 hr or so, and the closest he came to going on the potty was having an accident next to the potty when he was roaming and playing! His teacher put him on the potty after nap on Tuesday and he peed while on the potty (he was sitting and peed all over himself :P). It was so much easier with Tori; I barely even remember her being in diapers! I have a feeling this is going to be a very long process.

  3. Hey, Amanda! I really enjoy your blog and recipes! It's been great to "keep up" with you!

    We started when Mason was 18-19 months and it went really well at first. Then he hit two and asserted his independence and free will. Meaning he could will himself to go anywhere but on the potty... We eventually broke down and used treats. Because he is super limited on sugars/candy it was quite the novelty. We also spent $40 on a seat for the real toilet that has both adult and toddler size seats in one. After a lot of tantrums and tears (from the both of us, I might add) he finally decided around March (few months before turning 3) that he wanted to wear big boy pants all day and night. His revelation, not mine. That's probably the biggest piece of advice - the desire has to be Asher's in order for it to be effective.