Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Baby Story: Pregnancy with Aiden

We had only lived in our new house a week or two when I noticed something womanly was missing . . . Asher was only 9 months old at the time. I vividly remember taking a pregnancy test after Dusty left for work one morning, and it was more to satisfy my own curiosity than from any real conviction that I was actually pregnant.

Well, I was wrong! (Dusty can tell you that doesn't happen very often, wink, wink.) I had only bought an individual test, but immediately loaded up Asher to get another one just to be sure. Positive again. Initially I was in utter disbelief. There might have been a little shock involved, too. I. Could. Not. Believe it.

Neither could Dusty. I think both of us didn't even know how to react. There was excitement, of course, but I think that came a little later. We looked at little Asher who wasn't even crawling yet, and wondered both aloud and to ourselves how we would manage two little ones so close in age, not to mention the numerous financial aspects.

Once we got over the initial shock, we were elated. I couldn't help but imagine the two of them playing together as they got older, practicing sports together, laughing together . . . It was so fun to think about.

The pregnancy was really similar to Asher's - morning sickness/nausea during the first trimester, but after that I was pretty much home free. It was definitely harder though because I had a little one to take care of during the periods of nausea. It's hard to find energy during those times, that's for sure!

I also went back to work part-time from Aug.-Dec. of that year, so I think that played a part in my exhaustion. But, seeing Asher at daycare the first time made me really excited for him to have a sibling to play with.
20 weeks along
We decided to find out whether we were having a boy or girl the second time around, so at 20 weeks we found out we were having another little boy. It was so exciting (and frightening) to think that we would have two boys so close in age.

The only major difference between pregnancy with Aiden vs. Asher, was that with Aiden I had a lot of lower back pain. I attribute most of that to the fact that I was still carrying Asher around a lot, and Dusty and I took turns at his bedtime rubbing his head for 15-20 minutes until he fell asleep . . . That was hard on my back, too. (Although it eventually forced us to take measures to get him to fall asleep on his own!) Luckily, I had a willing masseuse in the form of my amazing husband. :)

As hard as I tried to avoid it, I got the stomach flu when I was about 7 months along, and that was miserable. I also got the worst cold of my life over Christmas - to the point where I almost couldn't breathe from a stuffy nose and a horrid cough. And, of course, being pregnant, my options were really limited as far as what I could take to combat it. November and December were particularly rough months.

I think Dusty was a little more concerned with this pregnancy because I had had an emergency C-section with Asher. Reliving what that was like added to his natural tendency to nervousness. I had decided to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) this time because I really wanted to experience natural childbirth. Dusty was nervous because it's an added risk to both mother and baby if the scar ruptured during labor/delivery. My doctor was very reassuring and realistic. She told us that while there was a risk, she didn't feel there was anything keeping me from trying it. I had had smooth pregnancies with both babies, and there was nothing telling her to not allow it.
32 weeks, or thereabouts

Well, surprise, surprise, the due date came and went . . . And I was scheduled to be induced a week after the due date. Having had a C-section, my doctor wouldn't allow me to go more than a week past my due date because it increases the risk of something rupturing as the baby gets bigger and your stomach and uterus continue to expand. So, we kissed little Asher goodbye and headed to the hospital around 7:30 a.m. on January 18, 2011 to add another munchkin to the mix . . .

Stay tuned for Part 2: Labor and Delivery

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