Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Preg-o Cravings? Yep, They're Real

Well, I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and decided to tackle one of those pregnancy topics that seems to be discussed frequently (at least in pregnancy circles) and I think people tend to slightly misconstrue, or at least have some misconceptions about.

The cliche for pregnant women is that we're craving weird things like pickles with ice cream (delicious on their own, but not together). While that may be true for some pregnant women out there, it definitely isn't my experience, and isn't for the many other pregnant friends/acquaintances I've talked to about it. But, I can say the cravings they talk about are real. So here's my experience . . .

So far, all 3 of my pregnancies have been almost identical craving-wise. Here are things that I've craved with every pregnancy:

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets with their BBQ sauce (no other will suffice)
Fries with Cheese Sauce
Cereal (pretty much any kind, but favorites during all 3 pregnancies have been Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and Lucky Charms)
Chips (this gets annoying because one kind looks good, and once I've eaten a handful I don't want any more; so, by the end of the pregnancy we have about 9 partially eaten bags of chips in our pantry)
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough (thankfully I can make it safe without using eggs . . . although that doesn't make it any healthier)
Tuna Salad on Whole Wheat Bread with Dill Pickles (I know this one seems a little more preg-o cliche, but this is one I enjoy even when I'm not pregnant)
Anyone else hungry now?

How do these cravings work? Well, unfortunately, I tend to have a lot of cravings for things even when I'm not pregnant. The difference is that my preg-o self craves salty more than sweet, which is bizarre considering how much I loooooove sweets of any shape and kind. Also, I'm not one to send my hubby out late at night or in the wee morning hours to get me something we don't have on hand. That being said, if I'm craving something, I don't stop craving it until I've had it, no matter how long it takes. It always sounds appetizing, more so than anything else, until I've eaten it.

First trimester cravings are also a little different for me because I'll really want something, but once I've had it I tend to feel nauseous if I think about it afterward. Thankfully, that passes when the second trimester rolls around.

Unfortunately, most of my cravings aren't healthy options, but I do my best to limit myself with the junk food (sometimes an impossible task) and eat healthy to balance them out.

As I said earlier, my experience is not everyone's and I'm sure there are pregnant women out there right now dipping pickles in their ice cream . . .

What are your pregnancy cravings/experiences, or just thoughts on the matter?

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  1. I too craved cereal, especially bran flakes (oddly enough) and honey nut cheerios. I also craved Dairy Queen vanilla ice cream and Toppers thin crust cheese and mushroom pizza. The chocolate craving was really bad, but it gave me such bad heartburn I had to decide which evil to go with. :)