Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinterest Projects: Kid Decor

I know I've mentioned Pinterest a few times already, but I want to start a new little segment devoted to some projects I've done that I found there.

Admittedly, I have very little creativity, but I do okay if I just have to imitate something. This first project, Kid Decor, was so fun and easy, and I could definitely see myself doing it again! It takes minimal effort, and the result is so colorful and unique.

1 piece of canvas (I used an 8x10)
super glue
crayons (enough to cover the length of the top)
hair dryer
The finished product

Here's what ya do:
Super glue the crayons across the top of your canvas in whatever order you choose (I just did good ol' ROY G BIV). Once you've done that, allow it to dry and un-stick your fingers from each other if you're anything like me and got super glue all over them. After it's dry, either go someplace where crayon wax would be easy to clean up, or lay down some old newspapers. Turn your hair dryer on high, and point it at a slightly downward angle at the crayons. Soon, the wax will start dripping down the canvas. Move the blow dryer across the crayons until they've all melted/dripped down your canvas. Let dry, and marvel at your work of art!
I did this project months ago and didn't think I'd post about it, so I didn't take pictures of the process. Luckily, it's not too difficult to explain!
All the crayons I used - it looks blurry because they've already been melted.
Things I love about this project:
1) It would be great to do with your kids, minus the super glue - I think even Asher (2 1/2) would have fun doing the hair-dryer part.
2) It's so very customizable! If you want to make one for your kids' rooms, you can pick out crayons that match their decor (ours is in our play area, so I wanted to use all the colors).
3) I didn't even get my crayons glued on completely straight and it still looks good.

If you've done one of these, or end up trying it, I'd love to know!

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