Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Review: Outlander

I had never heard of the Outlander series until fairly recently when it was recommended to me by my husband's friend/coworker. She knows I love reading, and I am so thrilled to have read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Thank goodness there are seven more books in the series because I can't wait to read them!


Outlander is the story of Claire, a young, married woman who was a nurse during WWII. While sightseeing with her husband in Scotland, they come across some odd stones. When she goes back for a closer look at some plants she believes might have some medicinal use, she finds herself transported back in time to the year 1743. She comes into contact with her husband's ancestor and quickly (and repeatedly) discovers he is much less than the honorable man he is depicted to be in historical writings.

Claire soon finds herself married to a young Scotsman, against her will, but eventually faces a heart-wrenching dilemma: should she go back to the stones and attempt to get back to her husband whom she loves in 1946, or should she stay and see what comes of this relationship and her growing feelings for her "new" husband?

As a woman of the 20th century, Claire often finds it difficult to conform to proper behavior, and the situations that arise are humorous and, at times, chilling.

Gabaldon has a unique way of making the reader feel inclined one way, only to find his/her inclination tend the opposite way a few chapters later. I was continually surprised by the book, and fell in love with the characters and the relationships among them. It was a unique read, and as I said, I look forward to reading the next in the series . . . If only someone would hurry up and return it to the library!

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