Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pinterest Projects: Family Friendly

I absolutely love the idea of this project. It's so simple, and instills such a good prayer habit at a young age. Praying for others is so important, and this is a wonderful way to start teaching that to little ones.

It's called a Prayer Pail, or Prayer Bucket. The idea is that you label it with stick-on letters, and then you write the names of all your family, friends, or anyone you want to pray for on a popsicle stick. All the sticks go in the pail, and then at mealtime, you draw one out and say a prayer for that person.

Asher loves being able to pick out a stick, and he rarely forgets to do it. We say the table prayer before supper (since this is the meal we can eat as a family), and then he picks out one stick. I just think it's a really neat idea, and so easy for someone like me who's not very crafty. :)

Stick-on letters (can be found in many varieties at lots of stores - Michaels, Target, Walmart, etc.)
Large popsicle sticks
Permanent Marker
Center the words "Prayer Pail" or "Prayer Bucket" if yours has a design like ours did; otherwise you can put them anywhere. Stick on the letters. Use the permanent marker to write one name on each stick, and you're done!

I'm not sure if ours can technically be called a pail since it doesn't have a handle, but I love it and it holds meaning for our family. When Dusty's grandma passed away, we were given a plant after her funeral, but after transplanting the plant I wasn't sure what to do with the pot. Turning it into our Prayer Pail seemed like a great idea to me - I'm so very glad this project came along because it makes such good use out of something special.

Since ours already had decoration on it, I didn't add anything else to it. But, you can certainly use scrapbook paper, stickers, or anything else to decorate your pail and make it personalized.

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