Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pinterest Projects: For Someone Special

When Valentine's Day rolls around, I usually try to think of something meaningful/special/handmade to give my husband. It's out of the ordinary, and makes the day feel a little different than other holidays when we exchange gifts.

This year (of course this was a few months ago now), I saw this project on Pinterest and was convinced I could do it . . . and I could! Why? Because it's ridiculously easy. The original can be found here.

1 piece of scrapbook paper (cut into 8x11 if it's not that size already)
8x10 frame
dry erase marker
things to decorate the frame with if you'd like
1. Print the words "I love you because . . ." on the piece of scrapbook paper, horizontally. Use whatever fonts seem to fit the decor of your house or the style of the person you're making it for.
2. Insert the printed paper into the frame.
3. Decorate the frame if you so choose.
4. Use the dry erase marker to write why you love your special someone.
How easy was that?!
This message was inspired by his willingness to dance with the boys and I
at his sister's wedding reception. So sweet - not many guys do that!
You can write messages daily, or as often as you like. I specifically told my husband that I wouldn't promise to write on it every day because I knew I'd end up disappointing both of us if I said that. You can give this to a parent if you still live at home, or your child if he/she knows how to read, or your significant other. It's a nice, simple way to let them know they're loved and appreciated. And, as I said before, it's so easy!

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